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Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Mentoring of students

  • 1. To aim and encourage students to achieve the programs outcomes and improve their performance for future growth.
  • 2. To identify and develop the students' skills by motivate them.
  • 3. To provide the opportunities and create the environments to enhance their skills.
  • 4. To focus Student's wellbeing and helping them to come out their personal /psychological issues.
  • 5. To create an interest among students to participate academic, research) and social activities.
  • 6. To provide the vision, mission and information about the university and constituent units to students.


The program requires Mentor who is the teaching faculties/ recognized faculties of the institution. Each student enrolled in every academic year shall be assigned to mentors as mentees. The number of mentees for each mentor shall be fixed by the institution and it should not exceed 15.

Responsibilities of Mentors

The Mentor shall have the following responsibilities :

  • 1. The mentor shall identify their mentees' learning levels by the guidelines) of slow learner and advanced learner framed by the university from time to time and improve their learning levels with the help of his/her teachingfaculties and faculty advisor.
  • 2. The mentor shall maintain the relationship with their mentees should be always professional and respectful.
  • 3. The mentor should maintain confidentiality of any personal information about the mentees.
  • 4. Mentors shall give an opportunity to mentees to express an opinion on issues that affect the welfare of the mentees.
  • 5. The Mentor will respect and maintain personal boundaries with the mentee.
  • 6. The Mentors are expected to suggest the necessary cells and committees to make appropriate and positive interventions in the growth of a student.
  • 7. Mentees are motivated by the mentor to participate in curricular co-curricular and extracurricular activities based on their skills

Allocation of mentees to mentor

The allocation of mentor and mentees to be done during the Students Induction Programme of the institution. Mentees are allocated based on the details mentioned in admission application form submitted by the students during admission.

The allocation of mentor shall be notified to the concerned mentee through the circular issued by the head of the institution.

Mentor - Mentee Meeting

Mentors shall meet the mentors on a regular basis at least once in 15 days, based on the schedule framed by the institution. However, mentor can meet the mentee in the campus beyond the allotted time whenever necessary . The mentor shall maintain the mentees logbook prepared for this purpose having the mentees' personal, academic, and other information and to ensure that the logbook is periodically updated.

The institution shall ensure the mentoring hour is incorporated into the regular timetable. The mentor shall fix additional sessions if it deems fit with prior approval of the concern authority.

The mentor shall prepare the periodical report and send_.to the head of the institution about the progress of the mentees.

In case of any conflict between the mentor and mrltee arises, that should be notified to the head of the department/institution and the issue shall be reviewed by the redressal committee of the institution

Modifications of SOP

The above SOP is subject to modifications from time to time as per as the decisions of the University.