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NEP 2020

NEP 2020

Initiatives undertaken under the umbrella of NEP 2020

  • 24 NEP Students clubs created in all constituent institutions with 240 office bearers and 24 faculty advisors.
  • Faculty of Liberal Arts has been established to accommodate Multidisciplinary programs.
  • A new multidisciplinary four year undergraduate programme - B.Sc. Economics (Hons) with Research has been approved for introduction from the academic year 2024-25. It has multiple entry and exit options.
  • Established a new Interdisciplinary Department called Department of Medical Biotechnology at Puducherry campus.
  • 1 year Master programme in Law - LLM has been approved for introduction from the academic year 2024-25
  • A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed with Jimma Institute of Technology, Ethiopia to facilitate Internationalization of education.
  • The University participated in Study in India Education fair organized at Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda by Govt of India.
  • Two Sensitization Workshops on NEP 2020 had been organized for 150 student office bearers on 17.4.2024 and 23.4.24 at Salem and Chennai campuses respectively.
  • NEP awareness survey was conducted in two constituent colleges to evaluate the awareness index about NEP 2020.
  • A NEP logo contest has been launched for all the students of the University to popularize the NEP concepts.
  • 20 Professors of Practice had been appointed in the University.
  • 200 faculty from various disciplines underwent training through Sensitization workshop on NEP 2020 organized by the Malaviya Missions Teacher Training Centers recognized by UGC.

Best Practices in implementing NEP 2020

NEP Student Clubs in all the constituent Colleges of the University

Expected outcomes for the students

  • Sensitize the students about the various provisions in the policy
  • Gain cooperation from students to achieve the targets of NEP 2020

Expected outcomes for the faculty

  • Capacity building for Faculty Advisors
  • Improves Faculty – Student interaction in the NEP implementation

Expected outcomes for the institution

  • Improvement of Happiness index of stake holders
  • Quality enhancement in all aspects

Expected outcomes for the community & other stakeholders

  • Improvement in literacy rate & Gross enrolment ratio in HEI
  • Improvement in the access of SEDGs to HEI