Enquiry 2023

Vision and Mission


To achieve excellence in education and make education as a tool for social change for the betterment of the society.

Constituents of the Emblem of Vinayaka Missions Research Foundation.

Lord Vinayaka: Signifies wisdom and divine grace.

The Cap: The graduation headgear of the emblem represents the University status of VMRF.

The Pond and The Lotuses: Signify the pond of knowledge imparted to both men and women.


To spread education globally in the fields of Medicine, Dental, Paramedical, Homeopathy, Engineering, Management and Basic Sciences.

Quality Policy

VINAYAKA MISSION'S RESEARCH FOUNDATION Deemed to be University Strives to..

  • Prepare the students with knowledge, skill and competence to stand up to any challenges in the spheres of Medicine and its allied fields, Dentistry, Engineering and Technology, Management, Basic Sciences and Humanities and expose them to the changing global trends of knowledge and technology.
  • Grow as an institution of Excellence internationally and improve continually to match the needs of global challenges and trends in all spheres.


VMRF strives to impart the necessary knowledge and skills to its students thus providing a great employment opportunity and resource, and service to humanity as a matter of national importance.


VMRF believes in offering its students an experience that is rigorous, personalized and rich in cultural diversity.

VMRF strongly believes in playing a constructive role in fostering fearless and independent thinking amongst the students that characterise our nation.